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Exploring Cadet College Razmak

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A Gateway to Excellence in North Waziristan

Cadet College Razmak stands as a beacon of educational excellence in the rugged terrain of North Waziristan, Pakistan. Established with a vision to nurture young minds into leaders, this institution has been a cornerstone in providing quality education combined with military training. Aspiring students from all over Pakistan seek the opportunity to be part of this prestigious institution, where discipline, academics, and character-building go hand in hand.

About Cadet College Razmak:

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of North Waziristan, Cadet College Razmak has been a symbol of academic prowess and military discipline since its inception. Founded in [year of establishment], the college has a rich history of producing leaders for the armed forces and various other sectors of Pakistan. Its mission is to groom young cadets into well-rounded individuals, equipped with not just academic knowledge but also the virtues of leadership, integrity, and patriotism.

Academic Programs:

Cadet College Razmak offers a comprehensive academic curriculum from 8th grade to 12th grade, preparing students for Matriculation (SSC) and Intermediate (HSSC) examinations under the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad. The college follows a rigorous yet balanced educational approach, focusing on subjects ranging from Mathematics and Sciences to Humanities and Languages.

Military Training:

In addition to academic excellence, Cadet College Razmak places a strong emphasis on military training. Cadets undergo rigorous physical training, drill exercises, and leadership development programs to instill discipline and resilience. These training programs are designed to prepare students for potential careers in the armed forces and develop a sense of patriotism and service to the nation.

Admission Process (2024):

The admission process for Cadet College Razmak typically begins with the announcement of admission notices in leading newspapers and the college’s official website. Interested candidates can obtain admission forms from the college or download them online. The key steps for admission include:

Candidates who successfully clear these stages are offered admission based on merit.

Fee Structure (2024):

For the academic year 2024, the fee structure for Cadet College Razmak is as follows:

  • Prospectus and Admission Form: PKR 1,000
  • Admission Fee: PKR 20,000 (One Time)
  • Security Deposit (Refundable): PKR 10,000
  • Tuition Fee (Per Month): PKR 10,000
  • Messing Charges (Per Month): PKR 7,000
  • Electricity Charges (Per Month): PKR 500
  • Misc Funds (Per Month): PKR 500

It’s important to note that scholarships and financial aid may be available for deserving students.


Cadet College Razmak stands as a testament to the dedication towards academic excellence and character development. It continues to shape the future leaders of Pakistan, instilling in them the values of discipline, integrity, and patriotism. For those seeking a holistic education combined with military training, Cadet College Razmak in North Waziristan remains a distinguished choice.

Whether it’s the breathtaking surroundings of North Waziristan or the rigorous academic and military training, College offers an experience like no other. Aspiring young minds looking to embark on a journey of growth, leadership, and service to the nation find their path illuminated within the walls of this esteemed institution.

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passfadminExploring Cadet College Razmak