Navigating the World of Online Earning Through Freelancing

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Empower Your Journey: Navigating the World of Online Earning Through Freelancing

There are several popular sources of online earning for freelancers across various skill sets. Keep in mind that the demand for different skills may vary, and it’s important to choose a platform that aligns with your expertise. Here are some top sources for freelancers to Navigating the World of Online Earning Through Freelancing.

  • Upwork: Working with Upwork involves several key steps to get started and succeed as a freelancer. Here’s a basic guide:Getting Started:
    1. Create an Upwork Profile:
    – Sign up on Upwork as a freelancer.
    – Complete your profile with a professional photo, a descriptive headline, and a detailed bio highlighting your skills and experience.
    – Add your portfolio samples, certifications, and education.2. Select Your Skills:
    – Choose your skills wisely to match the services you offer.
    – Upwork allows you to select up to 10 skills, so pick the ones that best represent your expertise.

    3. Set Your Hourly Rate or Project Rate:
    – Decide whether you want to charge hourly or by project.
    – Research similar freelancers’ rates to determine a competitive rate for your services.

    4. Write a Compelling Overview:
    – Craft a compelling overview that showcases your expertise, experience, and what sets you apart.
    – Highlight your achievements and how you can add value to clients.

    Finding Jobs:
    1. Search for Jobs:
    – Use Upwork’s search filters to find jobs that match your skills and interests.
    – Save searches to get notified of new jobs that match your criteria.

    2. Submit Proposals:
    – Write customized proposals for each job you’re interested in.
    – Address the client’s needs directly and explain how you can solve their problem.
    – Showcase relevant samples from your portfolio.

    3. Be Responsive:
    – Respond to invitations and messages promptly.
    – Clients appreciate freelancers who are communicative and proactive.

    Communication and Collaboration:
    1. Use Upwork’s Messaging System:
    – All communication should go through Upwork’s messaging system for transparency and security.
    – Discuss project details, timelines, and expectations clearly.

    2. Clarify Project Scope:
    – Ensure you and the client have a clear understanding of the project scope, deliverables, and deadlines.
    – Use Upwork’s milestone feature for larger projects to break them into manageable parts.

    Getting Paid:
    1. Set Up Payment Method:
    – Add your preferred payment method to receive earnings.
    – Upwork offers options like Direct to U.S. Bank, PayPal, wire transfers, etc.

    2. Hurly Jobs:
    – Use Upwork’s time tracking tool for hourly jobs to log your hours.
    – Clients review and approve the hours worked before payment.

    3. Fixed-Price Jobs:
    – For fixed-price jobs, set milestones and deliverables.
    – Clients release payments for each milestone or at project completion.

    Tips for Success:
    1. Build a Strong Profile:
    – Continuously update your profile with new skills, certifications, and projects.
    – Ask clients for feedback and reviews to build credibility.

    2. Provide Quality Work:
    – Deliver high-quality work on time and within budget.
    – Good client feedback and ratings lead to more job opportunities.

    3. Stay Professional:
    – Maintain professionalism in all communications.
    – Be proactive in addressing any issues or concerns.

    4. Networking:
    – Join Upwork’s community forums and groups.
    – Networking can lead to collaborations and job referrals.

    Remember, success on Upwork takes time and effort. Building a solid reputation, delivering quality work, and fostering good client relationships are key to thriving as a freelancer on the platform.

  • Freelancer: Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is a platform where employers can post projects and freelancers can bid on them.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers offer services, called “gigs,” starting at $5. It covers a diverse range of skills, from writing and graphic design to programming and marketing.
  • Toptal: Toptal is known for connecting clients with top freelancers in the fields of software development, design, and finance. It has a rigorous screening process to ensure the quality of its freelancers.
  • Guru: Guru is a platform that caters to a variety of freelancers, including writers, designers, and programmers. It allows freelancers to showcase their portfolios.
  • PeoplePerHour: This platform is focused on small businesses and startups looking for freelance talent in areas such as writing, design, marketing, and programming.
  • 99designs: If you’re a graphic designer, 99designs is a platform where clients can host design contests, and you can submit your work to compete for the project.
  • Upstack: Upstack is a platform that specializes in connecting clients with freelance developers and engineers.
  • Craigslist: Though not dedicated to freelancing, Craigslist has a “Gigs” section where individuals and businesses post short-term projects and freelance opportunities.
  • Remote Job Boards: Websites like Remote OK, We Work Remotely, and others list remote job opportunities, including freelance positions.

Remember to create a strong profile that showcases your skills and experience, and actively engage with potential clients to increase your chances of getting hired. Building a positive reputation and receiving good reviews is crucial for long-term success as a freelancer. Feel free to ask for guidance.

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PasbanNavigating the World of Online Earning Through Freelancing

How to Become a Topper | Tips & Tricks

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How to become a topper tips & tricks

Becoming a topper requires a combination of hard work, effective study strategies, time management, and a positive mindset. Here are some tips to help you become a topper in your studies:

1. Set Clear Goals:
– Define your goals clearly. Know what you want to achieve and set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

2. Create a Study Schedule:
– Develop a study schedule that includes dedicated time for each subject. Be consistent with your study routine.

3. Effective Time Management:
– Manage your time efficiently. Prioritize tasks, avoid procrastination, and break your study sessions into focused, manageable chunks of time (like the Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes of focused work, followed by a 5-minute break).

4. Understand the Syllabus:
– Have a deep understanding of the syllabus. Know what topics are essential and focus more on them.

5. Active Learning:
– Engage in active learning techniques. Instead of passively reading, try to teach what you’ve learned to someone else, or use techniques like mind maps, flashcards, and summarization.

6. Consistent Revision:
– Regularly revise what you’ve studied. Spaced repetition, where you review information at increasing intervals, can help reinforce your memory.

7. Healthy Lifestyle:
– Take care of your physical and mental health. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. A healthy body and mind are essential for effective learning.

8. Seek Help:
– Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. If you’re struggling with a particular topic, ask your teachers, classmates, or use online resources to clarify your doubts.

9. Practice Previous Years’ Papers:
– Practice solving previous years’ question papers and sample papers. It will give you an idea about the exam pattern and help you manage your time during the actual exam.

10. Stay Motivated:
– Stay motivated and positive. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they are. A positive attitude can go a long way in achieving your goals.

11. Stay Consistent:
– Consistency is key. Stay consistent in your efforts, even when things get tough. Keep pushing yourself to improve every day.

12. Continuous Improvement:
– Regularly evaluate your progress and identify areas where you can improve. Be open to feedback and be willing to adapt your study strategies if something is not working.

13. Believe in Yourself:
– Believe in your abilities and have confidence in yourself. Positive self-belief can boost your performance significantly.

Remember, becoming a topper is not just about getting good grades but also about understanding the subject matter deeply. It’s a journey that requires dedication, perseverance, and continuous learning.

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PasbanHow to Become a Topper | Tips & Tricks

FBISE Islamabad Matric & Inter Exams Schedule 2024

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FBISE Islamabad Matric & Inter Exams Schedule 2024

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad plays a pivotal role in conducting both matric and intermediate exams throughout the academic year. These examinations cater to both regular and private students affiliated with schools and colleges under its jurisdiction. The education board has announced their FBISE Islamabad Matric & Inter Exams Schedule 2024. In line with the commitment to transparency and effective planning, the education board has unveiled the Federal Board SSC and HSSC Exams Calendar for the year 2024. This calendar outlines the dates and timings for various categories of examinations, ensuring that students are well-informed about the schedule.

Schedule for Matric 1st Annual Exams

The examination calendar for 2024 commences with the Matric 1st Annual Exams, which are scheduled to begin in March 2024. This marks the first of the series of examinations to be conducted by the Federal Board.

Schedule for Intermediate 1st Annual Exams

Following the matric exams, the Intermediate 1st Annual Exams are set to start in April 2024. This category of exams caters to students pursuing their intermediate education.

Schedule for Matric 2nd Annual Exams

The Federal Board has allocated July 2024 for the Matric 2nd Annual Exams. This segment of examinations is designed to provide additional opportunities for students to improve their academic performance.

Schedule for Intermediate 2nd Annual Exams

The Intermediate 2nd Annual Exams are scheduled for August 2024, allowing students another chance to excel in their intermediate studies.

To stay well-informed about the examination schedule and timings, students can conveniently visit the official website of the Federal Board. The website provides detailed information, ensuring that students are aware of when their respective examinations are scheduled to take place. This accessibility enhances the efficiency and preparedness of students participating in these important academic assessments

FBISE Islamabad Matric & Inter Exams Schedule 2024

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PasbanFBISE Islamabad Matric & Inter Exams Schedule 2024

Cadet College Jhelum Admissions-2024

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Cadet College Jhelum Admissions-2024

  • Applications are invited for admission in 7th and 8th classes in Cadet College Jhelum Admissions-2024. Admission will be awarded on open merit basis.
  • Selection procedure:
    1. 1. Selection of candidates from all provinces of Pakistan will be made on open merit basis.
    2. 2. Admission will be granted on the basis of intelligence test, written test, interview and medical examination.
  • Application procedure:

Applications are invited for admission in classes (7th and 8th).

Step 1:

Send the Application Form along the following documents to the address mentioned at the end of this page.

1. Four passport size photographs of the candidate.

2. A bank draft (any bank) of Rs. 3000 in favour of Cadet College Jhelum.

3. A copy of B-Form or Birth certificate.

4. Attested Copy of 9th Class result card (only for Admission in 1st year Class)

Step 2:

Prospectus along with model papers and syllabus will be sent to your postal address. Written test will be held at Cadet College Jhelum.

Step 3:

After test and Interview, top applicants against the available seats will receive Call Letters via post.

  • Subjects and Syllabus for written examination:
  • Click here to download the syllabus and paper pattern for 8th class.
  • Click here to download the syllabus and paper pattern for 7th class.
  • College prospectus, syllabus and model papers:
  • Prospectus along with application form, model papers and syllabus can be obtained by sending a bank draft (any bank) of Rs. 3000 in the name of “Cadet College Jhelum” on the address below.
  • .
  • You can also download the Application Form here.
  • Address:
  • Cadet College Jhelum, Peer Shahab, G.T Road Jhelum.
  • UAN: 03-111-123-225 (CCJ)
  • Admission Dept.: 0332-5822217
  • Email: Or Contact us
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PasbanCadet College Jhelum Admissions-2024

Join Pakistan Navy Sailor General Service A-2024 & C-2023 Marine

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Pakistan Navy Latest Advertisement Sailor General Service A-2024 & C-2023 Marine

Now you can Join the Pakistan Navy as a Join Pakistan Navy Sailor General Service A-2024 & C-2023 Marine. Pakistan Navy is a very reputable and honorable department of the country. It always opens gates for career-building opportunities for young talent. It invites applications for the post of Sailor in the General Service Marine Batch. Pak Navy invites applications from all Pakistani national male candidates for different fields. As this department is an equal opportunity employer it also provides job opportunities to the female candidates. According to the advertisement the female applicants can only be in the Medical Nursing field for professional services.

Online Registration to Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor General Service and Marine 2023


It opens up the registrations for the multiple positions from 8th October 2023 and it will end up on 22nd October 2023. The different mobile recruitment teams of the Pakistan Navy will also visit different far long areas for the recruitment of suitable candidates who are interested in joining the Pakistan Navy. Candidates can submit online application forms between these dates. After the due date, the e-portal will automatically close and no application will be submitted.

It Instructs all the applicants to make preparations for the entry test according to the registration slip instructions and conditions. For online registration, candidates must visit the official website of the Pakistan Navy or contact usContact us.

Required Qualification of Each Branch

Here is the detail about the qualification or educational requirement criteria of each branch


Sr.No Branch Category Qualification
1. Technical Branch A Matrics with science subjects (65% marks)
2. Female Medical Technician


B Matric with Science (65% Marks)
3. Naval police/ Regulating C Matric with Science (60% Marks)
4. Marine D Matric with Science (60% Marks)
5. Chef/ Steward F Matric with Science (50% Marks)
6. Musician G Matric with Science (50% Marks)
7. MTD Driver H Matric with Science/Arts/jeep or car driving license
8. Sanitary Worker J Middle Pass
9. PT Branch K Matric with Science (60% Marks)


For other physical standards and requirements candidates must visit the website and check the complete advertisement.

Benefits and Perks

The department always provides handsome salaries and other attractive perks and benefits to all candidates who are in service or after retirement.

  1. Free Accommodation/ Food/ Residence or Uniform
  2. Life Insurance Facility
  3. For Better Training Courses on Deputation Can Visit the Foreign Countries
  4. Family Residence or Other Allowances for Married Candidates
  5. 50% Discount on Travelling Expenses Through Train or By Air
  6. Job Opportunities in Bahria Foundation After Retirement
  7. 40% Additional Allowance or Russian Allowance In Submarine SSG Navy Or Aviation Branches.

View Criteria

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PasbanJoin Pakistan Navy Sailor General Service A-2024 & C-2023 Marine

PMA Long Course 153 | Pak Army Second Lieutenant – Apply Now

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PMA Long Course 153 | Pak Army Second Lieutenant – Apply Now

PMA Long Course 153 has been announced by the PAK Army. You join the Pak Army as a second lieutenant through a long course. If you are looking for jobs in Pak Army then this is good news for you. You choose the right place to build your bright future. Our team put complete details about PMA Long Course 153, so read the complete post carefully.

Online Registration

Online registration for the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) has begun via the Pakistan Army’s official website, Interested applicants (only men) from all around Pakistan are encouraged to apply online for the Regular Commission in the Pakistan Army. From 10 April to 14 May 2023, online registration will be available. The applicant must have the following credentials (FSC / Equivalent). The following age limits will be calculated as of November 1, 2023.

Every man wants authentic and clear details about different Government and private jobs, So we ensure you and our team visit National Job Portals every day and see the latest and official advertisements. So, we get all ads from different Pakistan newspapers such as Dawn, Daily Ummat, Khabrain, Daily Express, The Nation, and Daily Times, etc.

Details for PMA Long Course 153:

Updated on: 11 October 2023
Published in: 02 May 2023
Last Date: 17 November 2023
Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
Organization: Pakistan Army
Job type: Permanent/ Contract base
Salary base: PKR
Number of Seats: 1000+
Job Location: Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria to Join PMA Long Course 153 in 2023:

Education Marks Age Limit
Intermediate 55% 17-22 years
Graduates (2 years) and serving Pak Navy/ PAF 60% 17-23 years
Graduates with 4 years (BS/ BBA (Hons.)/ BBA/BPA) 60% 17-24 years
Serving Army Soldiers 60% 17-25 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Martial Status: Unmarried (married serving personnel of the Armed Forces over 20 years of age are eligible)
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in (162.5 cm)
  • Nationality: Citizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir/ Gilgit Baltistan.

How to apply online for PMA Long Course 153 in 2023:

  1. The Pakistan Army’s official website is where interested individuals can register online to join as Regular Commissioned Officers through PMA Long Course 153.
  2. The individual’s email address will be informed of the test’s date and time. Once a date is given, it cannot be modified.
  3. On the day of the test, candidates must also present the paperwork listed in the advertisement and pay the prospectus fee.
  4. Applicants need to have a working understanding of computers.
  5. The online registration period runs from October through October 22, 2023.

Official Advertisement to Join PMA Long Course in 2023:

Complete Selection Procedure:

1. Preliminary Tests

  • It consists of written, cognitive, and personality exams.
  • Continue to check the official website for exam results.
  • The exact exam date will be printed on your test slip/roll no slip.

2. Physical Tests

  • 1.6 Km run – 8 minutes
  • Pull Ups – 3 repetitions in 2 minutes
  • Push Ups – 15 repetitions in 2 minutes
  • Crunches – 20 repetitions in 2 minutes
  • Ditch Crossing – 7’4″ × 7’4″ and 4′ deep

3. Preliminary Selection

  • The candidates will undergo initial medical tests at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).

4. Further Selection Procedure

  • All required entries (Physical Test & Interview Marks) will be filled out by Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs).
  • The Personal Administration Directorate will further nominate applicants for the Inter Services Selection Board (ISB) based on merit.
  • Inter Services Selection Board (ISB) selected candidates will undergo thorough medical examinations at adjacent Joint Military Hospitals (CMH).
  • General Headquarters will base its ultimate decision on the candidates’ performances.

5. Documents Required at AS&RCs:

At the time of registration at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs), candidates must deposit the following documents:

  • Original Certificates/ Detailed Mark Sheet of Matric/ FSc/ Equivalent certificate.
  • Attested photocopies of domicile/ Family Registration Certificate/ NADRA verification certificate.
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Form “B” along with Father’s CNIC
  • 3 Piece Colored photos duly attested by Principal(1 front & 2 back).

6. Academic/ Military Training:

  • 2 Years of Training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA)
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PasbanPMA Long Course 153 | Pak Army Second Lieutenant – Apply Now

Military College Jhelum Admissions in 8th Class Entry 2024 Open

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Military College Jhelum Admissions in 8th Class Entry 2024 Open

The Online Admission Process for 8th Class Entry-2024 will be open on 10 July 2023. The last date of online application submission with Normal fee is 30 Sept 2023, with Double fee is 10 Oct 2023 and the last date with Triple fee is 20 Oct 2023. After this date, the online system will be closed and no application will be entertained. The entry test will be held on 29 October 2023.



12 to 14 years as on 01 April 2022, however, waiver of 90 days will be granted by the competent authority in upper and lower age limits in all categories as per existing rule for which candidate will have to apply.


Class 7th passed, candidates appearing in 7th class final exam may also apply.

Male candidates can only apply.

Selection Procedure. Admission will be based on performance in Written Test, Intelligence Test / Interview and Medical Examination.

Examination Schedule.

Entrance Examination will be held on Sunday, 29 October 2023. Candidates will have to appear in written test of English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Science, and Islamiat (Pakistan Studies for non-Muslim) from syllabus of class 5th, 6th and 7th of Punjab Text Book Board. Candidates qualifying the merit will only be called for Intelligence Test and Interview at prescribed centers. Finally selected candidate will only be informed / called.

Joint Military Education and Training.

During training at college after passing 10th class, some students may be selected to undergo two years training at PAF or Pak Navy cadet colleges for Joint Military Education and Training.

Helpline. For any query or registration, please contact:–


Incomplete, without required amount of challan form and applications received after due date will not be entertained. No excuse/complaint regarding this will be entertained later on as Online Admission System will be Disabled after due date. Examination Center will not be changed once selected.

Watch Video How to Fill Admission Form

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PasbanMilitary College Jhelum Admissions in 8th Class Entry 2024 Open

Admissions Open in MCIIT for Computer Courses

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Admissions Open in MCIIT for Computer Courses approved by TEVTA(PSDA)

The College Administration has always been putting its heart and soul into such ventures which would contribute towards improving the educational fabric of society. The decision of launching Military College Institute of Information Technology (MCIIT) was a step in the same direction.

The Institute was launched on 14 June 2004 and inaugurated by Lt Gen Zarrar Azim, HI(M) Inspector General Training & Evaluation on the eve of Parents Day (14 Oct 2004). Since then, it has progressed steadily and has successfully completed 16 years of its existence. So far 40 batches of short courses have been run in which more than 4,000 male and female students have successfully completed their certification in the areas of Hardware, Networks, Databases and Office Management etc. This tremendous success has energized us further. Today we come out with renewed vigour to continue imparting quality IT education to the masses.

MCIIT believes in nothing less than quality. Therefore, it takes into account every aspect which can influence the quality of education. The Institute has on its roll a very dedicated team of professionals possessing thorough knowledge and matching demonstrative ability.

Practical work and demonstration are considered an integral part of IT training. For this purpose, MCIIT has got well equipped and state-of-the-art Computer Lab having systems with Intel Core i3 high-speed processors. Furthermore, the lab is also supplemented by the latest version of the multimedia system, which gives MCIIT a technical edge over contemporary IT institutes.

The following short computer courses were run by MCIIT in the past:

  • Certificate in Auto CAD (CAD)
  • Certificate in Web Designing (WD)
  • Certificate in Computer Office Management (COM)
  • Certificate in Computer Hardware Technician (CHT)
  • Certificate in Computer Network Administration (CNA)

You can download the Admission Form for short courses. Fill and send it to MCIIT, Military College Jhelum, Main G.T Road, Sarai Alamgir.

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PasbanAdmissions Open in MCIIT for Computer Courses

Cadet College Wana Admission Class 8th Entry 2024

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Cadet College Wana Admission Class 8th Entry 2024

Cadet College Wana, located in South Waziristan, Pakistan, stands as a beacon of educational excellence and character development. Established with the noble vision of grooming young minds into leaders of tomorrow, this institution has been a cornerstone in providing quality education coupled with military training.

History and Legacy

Cadet College Wana has a rich history of producing leaders in various fields. The college aims to instill discipline, patriotism, and academic rigor in its cadets, preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

Academic Excellence

At Cadet College Wana, academic excellence is a top priority. The college ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. From sciences to humanities, the college offers a diverse range of subjects taught by experienced and dedicated faculty members.

Military Training and Character Building

In addition to academics, College places great emphasis on military training and character building. Cadets undergo physical training, drill exercises, and leadership development programs. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also cultivate qualities of discipline, teamwork, and resilience.


The college boasts state-of-the-art facilities to support the holistic development of its cadets. From modern classrooms to well-equipped science laboratories and computer labs, every aspect of learning is catered to. Sports facilities encourage a healthy lifestyle, while the serene campus provides an ideal environment for focused study.

Achievements and Alumni

Over the years, College has seen its alumni excel in various fields. From military service to government positions, business ventures to academia, the college takes pride in the accomplishments of its former cadets. They stand as living examples of the values and education instilled during their time at the college.

Admission and Community

Cadet College Wana welcomes young aspirants who wish to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and leadership. The admission process is competitive, selecting the best and brightest minds from across the region. The college community, comprising students, faculty, and staff, fosters a culture of camaraderie and mutual respect.

In conclusion, Cadet College Wana stands tall as an institution dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. With its focus on academic excellence, military training, and character building, it continues to be a revered name in the realm of education. For those seeking a holistic and disciplined education, Cadet College Wana is the gateway to a promising future.

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PasbanCadet College Wana Admission Class 8th Entry 2024

PAF College LowerTopa Admission 2024 Open Class VIII

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Class 8th Admissions are open for the Session – 2024 of PAF College Lower Topa

Admission Process

Admission to the College is made in Class VIII every year subject to conditions given below:


Eligibility Criteria

(a) Age
Not under 11 years 6 months and not over 13 years 6 months of age on 1st January, 2024.
(b) Qualification
The candidate must have passed Class VII at the time of admission (April, 2024). Candidates studying in Cambridge System can also apply.
(c) Citizenship
Should be a male citizen of Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Selection Process

The Selection process consists of the following three phases.
Phase-I      Intelligence Test, Academic Test, Preliminary Medical & Initial Interview
Phase-II     Final Board Interview
Phase-III    Final Medical Examination

Phase-I Intelligence Test, Academic Test, Preliminary Medical & Initial Interview

The eligible Candidates are required to appear for the following tests at PAF Information & Selection Centre (PAF I & SCs).
Intelligence Test
At first candidates are required to appear in the Intelligence Test. The Intelligence Test comprises of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This will be E-Test (Electronic Test) to be attempted by the candidates on computers. This determines the IQ of a candidate.
Academic Test
Candidates qualifying the Intelligence Test are required to appear for Academic Test. Academic Test comprises Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of four subjects i.e. Maths, General Science, English & Urdu. The test is to be attempted by the candidates on computers.
Syllabi for Academic Test
The syllabi for the Academic Test is given at the subsequent pages in the Prospectus. The test is a competitive examination, therefore, the syllabi given in the Prospectus is meant only for the general guidance of the candidate. By and large, the questions in the test papers are based on the syllabi in vogue in various Textbook Boards in Pakistan.
Preliminary Medical
Candidates qualifying the Academic Test will undergo preliminary medical test. This test takes place at PAF Information & Selection Centres, observing the basic medical standards for Flying Branch of Pakistan Air Force. The candidate should be free from deformities of hands, feet, spine and chest. The visual and hearing systems should be in perfect condition. Moreover, the candidate should not be affected by skin and dental diseases. The Torso Height should fall between the laid down upper and lower limits for the Flying Branch. There should be no squint, defective vision and colour blindness.

Note: The candidate must have 6/6 eye sight / vision without glasses. Candidates, who wear glasses, should not apply. Opinion of PAF Medical Officer conducting the test is final. No appeal in this regard is admissible.

Initial Interview
Candidates qualifying the preliminary medical test will be required to appear in Initial Interview to evaluate the candidate’s personality in general.

Phase-II Final Board Interview

The successful candidates in Phase-I are to appear for the Board Interview. The candidate is asked questions about the basic general / subject knowledge. The Board evaluates the candidate’s personality, character traits, comprehension, expression, emotional stability and confidence.

Phase-III Final Medical Examination

Candidates selected in Board Interview are called for the Final Medical Test at Islamabad, Lahore / Sargodha and Karachi. Medical Board examines selected candidates thoroughly according to the requirements of Flying Branch. The decision of Medical Board is Final and no appeal against the decision is entertained.

Final Selection

Candidates who qualify the Final Medical Examination are included in the merit list for the final selection. The call up letter along with joining instructions are sent to the successful candidates only.


Examination Centres

Intelligence Test, Academic Test, Preliminary Medical Test, Initial Interview, Final Board Interview and Final Medical Examination are held at the centres mentioned in the table below:

Intelligence Test / Academic Test /
Preliminary Medical & Initial Interview at PAF I & SCs
Board Interview at PAF I & SCs Final PAF Medical
Quetta Quetta PAF Hospital Faisal, Karachi
Karachi Karachi
Rawalpindi Rawalpindi PAF Hospital, Islamabad
Peshawar Peshawar
D I Khan
Lahore Lahore PAF Hospital, Lahore / Sargodha
Multan Multan
Faisalabad Faisalabad

Schedule For Selection – 2024

40th Pre-Cadet Entry (BA Entry)
Subject Date
Advertisement in leading Newspapers 13 August, 2023
Availability of Challan Form at PAF Website and College Website 29 August, 2023
Online Registration Starts PAF Induction Website: 23 October, 2023
Last Date for Registration 04 November, 2023
Entrance Test {Intelligence Test, Academic Test (E-Testing)} Preliminary Medical & Initial Interview at PAF I & SCs 06 November, 2023
17 November, 2023
Final Board Interview wef 30 November, 2023
Final Medical Examination wef 11 December, 2023
Final Selection End Mar, 2024
Issue of Joining Instructions 01 April, 2024
Reporting date of selected candidates at the College (tentatively) 15 April, 2024


For queries please contact on
Phone No: 051-9547111 / 051-9547015 / 051-3752088

Procedure For Purchase Of Prospectus

  1. Candidates can download the bank Challan Form from PAF Induction Website from 29 August, 2023 or using download link below.
  2. Challan Form would carry four parts one is College Copy which is to be dispatched to College on given address (Induction Cell, PAF College Lower Topa, Murree Hills), 2nd (PAF I & SC Copy) for getting prospectus from PAF Information & Selection Centre (PAF I & SC), 3rd (Candidate’s Copy) for appearing in tests at PAF Information & Selection Centre and 4th (Bank Copy) for bank.
  3. Submit the prospectus / examination fee in any branch of HBL in College Account Number given on the Challan Form.
  4. Candidates can submit original paid copy (PAF I & SC Copy) of Challan Form at respective PAF I & SC and get the prospectus.
  5. Candidates will be eligible for tests by showing the original (Candidate’s Copy) of Challan Form along with Registration Slip & other documents, to the respective PAF I & SC staff / representative on test day.

Download Syllabi, Sample Test Paper, Challan Form and Prospectus

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PasbanPAF College LowerTopa Admission 2024 Open Class VIII