Note for Parents

Note for Parents

Note for Parents

Welcome to Pasban Forces Academy!  We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and working together to help your child succeed!  As parents and guardians, we understand that you are the most important teachers in your child’s life and it is with that understanding that we appreciate the role that you and I each play in the partnership to your child achieving the goals set forth for him or her.

How can we help your child succeed in school?
By working together!

Children whose parents continue to be involved in their education are more likely to:

• Earn higher grades and test scores.
• Pass their classes, earn credits and be promoted.
• Attend school regularly.
• Complete homework.
• Graduate and go on to further education.

Pasban Forces Academy is the pioneer institute in Rawalpindi that specializes in preparing young students for induction into Military, PAF and cadet colleges all over Pakistan. We do not only prepare students in conceptual and academic aspects of selection process but personality grooming is an intrinsic part of the curriculum. We focus on developing those qualities and personal traits among the students which enable them to undertake the selection tests and subsequent training at academies successfully.

The School & Academy has not authorized any other institution to advertise or deal with admission or prospectus in any respect. It is requested to approach Pasban Forces Academy in case of admission / submission of admission forms or any other query.

Moreover, parents are requested not to confuse themselves between Pasban Forces School & Academy and any other Academy in Rawalpindi. These are altogether different institutions run by other individuals and have no link with the Pasban.

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