Pasban Forces Academy strives to be a world division institution visualizing to impart quality education to its educate on modern font and scientific lines aiming to provide best possible all-bout education, critical and analytical thinking and education to the students for comprehensive development of their personalities.Our commitment at Pasban Forces Academy is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative creative thinker, creative problem solvers and inspired scholar prepared to thrive in the twenty -first century.

The main object lens of the Pasban Forces Academy is to prepare students for the entry tests of Military, PAF & Cadet Colleges, all over Pakistan. In addition to this, we heading at providing quality Education coupled with Islamic Ideology, traditions and culture to mold the Young generation into true Muslims, patriotic citizen and effective leader in all walks of life to berm the responsibilities with courage, believability and self-assurance.

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