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Exploring Cadet College Palandri

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A Gateway to Excellence in Azad Kashmir

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Azad Kashmir, Cadet College Palandri stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence and character building. Established with the vision of nurturing young minds into future leaders, this institution has carved a reputation for producing disciplined and academically proficient individuals. Let’s delve into the essence of Cadet College Palandri, its offerings, admission process, and the fee structure for the year 2024.

About Cadet College Palandri:

Cadet College Palandri, located in the heart of Azad Kashmir, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational experience combined with military discipline. It follows a rigorous academic curriculum, supplemented by a robust extracurricular program to ensure holistic development. The college aims to groom cadets not only academically but also morally and physically, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Admission Process:

For aspiring cadets seeking admission to Cadet College Palandri in 2024, the process is designed to select the best and brightest candidates. The admission criteria typically include:

  • Entrance Test: Candidates must appear for an entrance test, covering subjects such as English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.
  • Interview: Shortlisted candidates are then called for an interview to assess their suitability for the rigorous academic and military life at the college.
  • Medical Examination: A thorough medical examination is conducted to ensure the physical fitness of the candidates.
  • Final Selection: Based on the performance in the entrance test, interview, and medical examination, the final selection is made.

Fee Structure (2024):

Here is an overview of the fee structure for Cadet College Palandri in 2024:




  1.     Entry Fee (Once at the time of admission)
S.No Fee/Head Amount (Rs)
a. Admission Fee 12000/-
b. Building Fund 23000/-
c. Education Fund 13000/-
d. Miscellaneous Expenditure

(Mattress, Stationary, Books etc)

e. Security Deposit (Refundable) 5000/-
Total 90000/-


  1.     Fee & Funds Class 8th
  2.    Fee & Funds Per Month                                                  Rs.25000/-
S.No Fee/Head Amount (Rs)
1. 1st Term (April to June) 75000/-
2. 2nd Term (July to Sep) 75000/-
3. 3rd Term (Oct to Dec) 75000/-
4. 4th Term (Jan to March) 75000/-


  1.    Fee & Funds (Class 9th & 10th)
  2. Fee & Funds per month                                                    Rs. 25000/-
S.No Fee/Head Amount (Rs)
1. 1st Term (April to June) 75000/-
2. 2nd Term (July to Sep) 75000/-
3. 3rd Term (Oct to Dec) 75000/-
4. 4th Term (Jan to March) 75000/-
  1. Fee & Funds (Class 11th & 12th
  2. Fee & Funds per month                                                      Rs.25500/-
S.No Fee/Head Amount (Rs)
1. 1st Term (April to June) 76500/-
2. 2nd Term (July to Sep) 76500/-
3. 3rd Term (Oct to Dec) 76500/-
4. 4th Term (Jan to March) 76500/-

The fee structure may vary slightly from year to year, and candidates are advised to refer to the official college website or contact the admission office for the most up-to-date information.


Cadet College Palandri, with its commitment to academic excellence and character building, stands as a prestigious institution in Azad Kashmir. It offers not just education but a holistic development experience that shapes individuals into leaders of tomorrow. For those with a passion for learning, discipline, and a desire to serve their nation, Cadet College Palandri presents an opportunity like no other.

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