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Military College Murree MCM Result 2021

by Pasban on November 1, 2020 No comments

Induction of Military College Murree

Military College Murree (MCM)  Selection Procedure

Selection is based on performance/ grading of a candidate in the following (in the same order)

Eligibility criteria


Offrs, JCOs and sldr seeking admission of their sons must have served for at least 10 yr in Pakistan Army, However. Pers invalidated out of svc for reasons attributable to mil svc will be entitled to apply, irrespective of their svc duration. Sons of pers serving in perm activated MjdBn will be realted at par with req Army pers.

Quality and Age

Fol is the eligibility criteria on qual and age for diff cls


Waiver up to over/ under 90x days is admissible as a spec case under SPAO? 3 dated 22 Jul 93). Parents will apply to Comdt of respective institution ot obtain waiver submitting application forms. A consolidated list of candidates eligible for weiver on age be fed to HRD Dte by respective institutions.

Allocation of Seats

Current cat- wise aloc of seats is as under

Written Test

Written test in the folsubjs will be taken for diff cls from sullabus as prescribed bu the Punjab Text Book Board

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PasbanMilitary College Murree MCM Result 2021

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